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How to Advertise with Promotional Products in Arizona

Regardless of the type of business you have, advertising plays a key role in its success. Constant and consistent promotion of your business attracts customers. You can do this in many ways including printing brochures, having a web presence, handing out business cards, and placing ads in newspapers or magazines. Promotional product is also an effective, not to mention inexpensive, way to get your business noticed in special using tools.

Promotional merchandise is the products that you either sell or give away for free to customers that display your brand.  Some merely have your name and logo, but most will include your contact information as well.  Classic examples of promotional items are Bic pens, customized magnets, and promo bags. Today you can get virtually any type of product for promotional purposes. 

To advertise with promotional products, you need to first decide who your target customer is so you can create a profile.  You will then use that profile to determine the best way to get their attention.  This will help you select the most appropriate promotional items. You want products that are practical to use but also remind customers of your business without them having to see your brand.

You also need to choose your distribution methods. While you probably will not know every possible way you may use the items, you should have a good sense of how you initially plan to get them to customers. For example, businesses can sponsor community events.  As a sponsor, your promotional merchandise gets distributed to every participant.  Or you can attend conferences, hold product demonstrations, or attend trade shows.  These are great opportunities to advertise services and distribute promotional items.

In addition to the exact type of item to purchase, you have other choices to make including which color to use. Use colors that reflect your corporate color scheme.  This helps with the branding process.  Think about the color pink.  For most people, the first thing that comes to mind is breast cancer awareness.  You can easily see how every detail of your promotional merchandise is important.

Only buy products that are of the highest standards.  Products made of cheap material not only send a bad message to customers, but they are potentially hazardous.  Cost is obviously a consideration but should not be the primary one when it comes to promotional merchandise.  You want your products to last a long time so that you get as many advertising impressions as possible.  Low quality products will not give you a high return on investment and can actually hurt your business because customers incorrectly believe you are cheap.

You can easily advertise with promotional products.  Not only is this an affordable alternative to other advertising approaches, but customers like to get these products.  When they serve a practical purpose, customers benefit by getting something to use that is free.  And many items, like stress balls, are fun to use. Most companies use several types of promotional items to meet various customer engagement needs and opportunities.  Having promotional merchandise on hand means you are always prepared to promote your business.

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