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Why You Can’t Go Wrong with Custom Bic Pens When Advertising

Many California businesses are already using promotional items to advertise.  While there are many different types of promotional products, one of the most popular ones is Bic pens.  As a classic promotional item, customers have come to expect businesses to use pens to market services. In fact, it is not unusual for customers to ask to keep a promotional Bic pen when they visit your place of business.

Businesses can use promotional pens in several ways. For best results, promotional Bic pens should be high quality and write smoothly.  And do not go cheap – get pens that are comfortable to hold for long periods of time.  Nobody likes pens that quickly stop writing or that blot ink while writing.  You should always get samples from the supplier before placing a bulk order of promotional pens.  

Employees use pens throughout the day so have promotional Bic pens available at meetings.  You can keep them in a supply closet or easily accessible in conference rooms.  They can also be placed strategically throughout your offices so that employees can use them when needed.  All new employees should receive a supply upon hiring.

Job applicants still use pens to complete applications.  If you allow applicants to apply for jobs at your location, you should have a space designated for them to use.  Keep it supplied with promotional pens and encourage applicants to take one with them when they leave.  This is a great way to advertise your business.  Many will forward the pen to friends who are also looking for a job.  Your address and phone number is on the pen so it is easier for them to just pass it around.

Volunteers and interns should not be required to bring their own supplies when they work for you.  As with employees, provide a supply of pens to volunteers and interns as soon as they start working for you.  When people join an organization, they like to get free items that brand the organization.  It is a way for them to feel good about what they do.

General customers should also be given promotional pens.  You can do this in several ways.  Give pens away with product purchases or when you provide services.  Conferences and trade shows are natural venues for customers to get your promotional pens.  Certain community events may also be an appropriate venue for distributing promotional merchandise.  

However you decide to use promotional Bic pens, be sure to get feedback from people who use the pen.  People like different things when it comes to writing instruments.  You may find it prudent to purchase several types of pens in the future rather than just one.  Promotional Bic pens are intended to be used. If they are not, they have little marketing power which means you have wasted money on their purchase.

Even in this age of technology, most people still do quite a bit of manual writing.  Providing them with a quality promotional Bic pen not only benefits them, but it provides your business with ongoing advertising.  Each time the pen is used, your business is promoted.

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