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 Ways Charities Use Promotional Items to Raise Awareness and Money

Charities do a lot of good in our communities.  They help people and animals in need and provide critical services to disadvantaged populations.  They are responsible for raising money for important medical research and educational initiatives. As a result, people have come to expect charities and other nonprofit organizations to use every method available to raise awareness and money.  The most economical way to do this is through the distribution of promotional products.

Community events in Florida are often attended by charity representatives. Not only is it a way to let the community know about the services the charity provides but they hope to recruit volunteers and donors.  One way to make this happen is to distribute promo bags that include a variety of promotional items including pens, notepads, and something unique to the charity.  For example, a health charity might want to give away promotional first aid kits.  When the event includes vendors, a promotional bag is nice so participants can easily carry purchases.

Fundraisers are another way charities will use promotional items.  In addition to raising money, fundraisers are intended to raise awareness about the charity and a specific cause or project.  Attendees often have to pay to attend the fundraiser.  Placing promotional items at tables that attendees can take home with them is a nice way to say “thank you” for their participation. Larger or more expensive promotional items can be sold, auctioned, or given as gifts to top donors, guest speakers, and fundraiser organizers.

Conferences provide a wonderful opportunity for charities to get noticed.  You can set up a booth at the conference and, like a corporate trade show, provide literature and other marketing materials about your organization.  You can sponsor a workshop and provide promotional Bic pens and notepads for attendees to use to take notes.  You can also provide goodie bags for conference participants to place all of the promotional materials.

Volunteer programs keep charities running smoothly.  Because they have limited resources, it is common for nonprofit organizations to rely on volunteers to achieve their mission.  Volunteers can be used in many different capacities. As an example, most board members are considered volunteers.  It is common for charities to give promotional items to board members for everyday use and as gifts to thank them for their services.

Annual awards ceremonies are a natural way to use promotional merchandise to raise awareness.  Often community members are invited to these events and you can present them promotional gifts to acknowledge them for a particular reason.  Donors, volunteers, employees, and even clients can be recognized at these events.  Promotional gifts that are unique are appreciated by all awardees. It is expected that gifts will also promote awareness of the charity.

These are some of the most common ways charities use promotional items to raise awareness and money for their cause.  For many charities, promotional merchandise is their main marketing tool. This is primarily because it takes very little money to make a huge impact when you strategically use promotional products. For more information or ideas to improve marketing efforts call 407-440-1414 in Orlando or 305-222-7368 in Miami.

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