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Cheap Ways to Advertise with Promotional Products in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago businesses are cutting budgets everyday thanks to the economy. Even marketing budgets are being impacted. This means costly advertising is being reevaluated in terms of returns on investment relative to costs.  Fortunately you can still have an effective marketing plan.  There are plenty of cheap ways to advertise with promotional products.

Promotional merchandise is used by businesses in a variety of ways to attract customers.  Unlike other advertising options, a single inexpensive promotional item can produce thousands of advertising impressions.  And the life of these products is much longer than a commercial or radio spot.  Customers may use a promotional Bic pen for a year.  Each time it is picked up, an advertising impression is made on the customer.  The value of that impression is enormous when the customer repeats business with you or becomes a first time user of your services.

You can give promotional items away each time you meet a customer.  And there are plenty of ways to do this.  They can visit your business online or you can meet them elsewhere.  Wherever the contact occurs, it is a prime opportunity to share promotional products that effectively advertises your services.  The more often you do this, the greater your chances of getting new business from customers.  Part of your marketing plan is defining customer contact opportunities and taking advantage of those that are available to your business.

Conferences can be a great place to meet new customers.  This is especially true if you attend as a guest speaker or lecturer.  Look around for opportunities to present at conferences.  When you do, you can provide promotional products to those who attend your workshop. Many conferences seek sponsors and if you become one, you are often permitted to provide your promotional items to all conference attendees.  And this is an easy way to introduce your business to new customers.

Many businesses participate in trade shows as vendors in Illinois state.  There are many different types of trade shows. And the more trade shows you attend the more promotional items you can get into the hands of prospective customers.  Your marketing department can help you with the particulars.  They may not be the appropriate employees to attend certain trade shows but they can help you with the displays and selecting promotional products for giveaways.

As it relates to promotional merchandise, which ever products you select, they should be good quality.  Remember that the primary purpose of promotional items is to advertise your business.  Although these items are inexpensive, they should not look or feel cheap.  Just because a customer has your promotional pen does not mean he will use it.  If it does not work the first time he tries it, it will probably be tossed in the garbage.

Do not waste your money on poor quality promotional products.  These items are a cheap way to advertise.  But confusing cheap prices with cheap quality can kill your advertising initiative before it even gets started. Your business can only benefit from promotional items when customers actually use them. So make sure you select promotional products that will get the job done for you.   

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