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Using Promotional Items as Incentives for Employee Wellness Programs

Businesses lose money every year for reasons related to the health of employees. The cost of employer-paid health insurance continues to increase.  And when employees call in sick, productivity is affected.  Excessive absenteeism because of poor health can also negatively impact employee morale.  For these and many other reasons, businesses are turning to employee wellness programs to address these issues. As incentives to employees, businesses use promotional merchandise to keep them attending the program.

Employee wellness programs are often customized for businesses. This makes perfect sense because you want a program that addresses the specific health needs of your employees.  A general program may provide limited benefits, but a tailored one is more effective. Incentives are an essential component of any employee wellness program, especially if you want employees to participate on their own time.  Using the right promotional items increases the chances your program will be a success.

Create an incentive plan and give it to all employees at the launch of the wellness program.  This way everyone knows from the start what is expected.  Goals should be attainable, and promotional products used for incentives should be desirable.  Establishing goals that employees cannot meet will impact morale and cause employees to lose interest in the program. And selecting the wrong incentives can prevent your wellness program from launching successfully.

The promotional products you use as incentives should be appropriate for your wellness program. You want incentives that promote a healthy lifestyle. These include promotional cookbooks and pocket sliders on good nutrition, exercise sets and exercise accessories, or stress relievers.  Each promotional item will have your brand and is intended to help employees achieve the goals of the wellness program. Branding the items tells employees you care about their health and well-being.

A good promotional merchandise supplier like can help you select the best promotional items for your employee wellness program.  You want high quality items that will appeal to employees.  Another way to choose items is to have a small group of employees review products and make recommendations.  If you decide to go in this direction, be sure the group is representative of all employees. This way you have a better chance of getting decent recommendations.

Products always look great online or in a catalog.  It is nearly impossible to determine quality without seeing a promotional item first hand.  Most suppliers are happy to provide samples.  Ask several employees what they think about the samples before making a final selection. It is also recommended that you get a sample of the chosen promotional items with your brand prior to purchase.  Sometimes the items do not turn out as you expect and it is better to know this before buying the item in bulk.

As employees meet goals, make an announcement about their achievements and award them their chosen incentive.  Some companies provide promotional T-shirts to all employees who enroll in their wellness programs while others reward only those who complete the program with the clothing.  The decision is entirely yours and should be made based on your employees and a wellness program.  Whatever you decide, your business will benefit when you use promotional products as incentives for your employee wellness program. is a local company that works directly with trade shows and giveaways for companies looking for personalized promotional products, we have the experience and reliability that every company looks for when trusting where to buy their printed products. Call 612-412-9061 or Chat online live for free fast quotes or chat live now.

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