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How to Incorporate Promotional Items into Fundraising Plans

Nonprofit organizations as well as for-profit businesses participate in fundraising activities. Businesses with corporate giving programs work with community organizations on specific causes. All fundraising plans have dual goals – to raise funds and to increase awareness about the organization or company as well as the cause.  To help raise awareness, marketing approaches that use promotional merchandise are incorporated in all fundraising activities.

Promotional product merchandise is a great way to increase awareness of fundraising goals as well as your nonprofit.  Perhaps you have launched a capital campaign to build a new playground for children with disabilities.  Most campaigns have a tag line which you can include on promotional items. This way you have two ways to promote your organization: in general and specifically related to the capital campaign. This gives you double the marketing opportunities.

Your best approach is to create a mini marketing plan for your fundraising project. This way you know exactly what type of promotional merchandise you will need.  You can then estimate the quantity to purchase and its cost for budgeting purposes. The more details you have, the more likely you are to stay on budget while creating an awesome fundraising plan that uses promotional items.

Some nonprofits are hesitant to purchases promotional items for a fundraising project because it is short term.  The truth is that it does not matter how long it lasts. The advertising on the promotional merchandise will also include your organizational information which will still be relevant.  And, since a fundraising project is mentioned, it may inspire people who have the promotional products to make a donation to your organization.

There are many opportunities for nonprofit organizations to use promotional items throughout a fundraising campaign.  You will likely hold an event at some point to raise money.  This is a perfect time to distribute promotional items to prospective donors and supporters.  One of the advantages of this is that they can share those items with friends who may also be interested but were not able to attend the event.  Always have extras on hand in case a supporter wants to help you spread the word about your fundraiser.

In many ways, promotional items have replaced the traditional business card.  You may be surprised how many supporters initially contact you because they received one of those items. Since they are so inexpensive, the benefits of promotional items used to raise awareness about your fundraising initiative significantly outweigh associated costs.

Give promotional items to employees so they have them at all times.  Even a promotional pen used at a local conference can prompt a conversation with a prospective supporter. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to turn an acquaintance into a donor.  Promotional items like planners and cell phone cases are great conversation starters for employees, donors, and supporters who are out and about in the community.  Wristbands promoting a particular cause are extremely popular with all age groups.  You can work with a supplier like to come up with an interesting promotional concept for your fundraising project. is a local company that works directly with trade shows and giveaways for companies looking for personalized promotional products, we have the experience and reliability that every company looks for when trusting where to buy their printed products. Call 877-621-8896 or Chat online live for free fast quotes or chat live now.

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