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Promotional Items that are Handy During and After Business Hours

Companies constantly look for ways to get their business noticed.  An easy way to do this is by using promotional items. Not all items are intended to be given away to current or prospective customers.  A strategic use of promotional products is to give them to employees who use them at the office as well as at external business activities.

There are such cool promotional products available that you will probably find it difficult to select just a few.  It will be easier to choose the ones that employees will use around the office.  Popular choices include planners, bags, cell phone accessories, and desk accessories.  These are all items employees typically need and use anyway. You are just providing them for free. The first two examples are also used by employees outside the offices so they provided added benefit to your business.

Employees frequently take planners everywhere they go.  They can take notes, review schedules, and carry business cards in their planner.  Promotional planners also advertise your business, so they are great for employees to use in public places. Even when they carry it while getting their morning coffee it is a promotional opportunity for your business.

Briefcases and backpacks are popular carrying cases for employees. And since these promotional items can be used outside the office, they become constant advertising tools for your business.  Many employees attend college seeking degrees or participating in continuing education classes.  They will use their backpacks to carry books and supplies.

Practically everyone has a cell phone today.  Many like to use cell phone cases to protect their phones against damage.  But those cases tend to see more than normal wear and tear.  By providing promotional cell phone cases to employees, you are saving them the expense of buying new ones while also advertising your business.

Desk accessories like notepads and pens can also be used both in and out of the office.  Employees are likely to keep promotional pens on them at all times.  They will attach one to their planner and stash a few in their purse or briefcase.  Each time they use the promotional pen around a customer or other acquaintance, your business benefits from the advertising opportunity.

Too often businesses decide to go cheap and buy low quality promotional products for employees.  This is a mistake because it sends the message that your employees are not as important as your customers.  Obviously this is not the impression you want to give employees.  You want them to know they are valued.  And you can show your appreciation by giving them high quality promotional items to use.


Employees like to get freebies from employers. The more useful the items, the more your employees will appreciate your efforts. They believe that businesses that provide practical promotional products for staff to use are worth promoting.  Your employees will gladly advertise your business when you give them promotional items they can use during and after business hours.  A promotional merchandise supplier like can help you select the best products for your business and employees in Nevada. is a local company that works directly with trade shows and giveaways for companies looking for personalized promotional products, we have the experience and reliability that every company looks for when trusting where to buy their printed products. Call 702-659-9904 or Chat online live for free fast quotes or chat live now.

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