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Promotional Product Ideas for Young People

Young people are a key purchasing demographic for many types of businesses. Depending on your country, they can account for as much as 55% of total annual sales. Certain businesses only cater to young people. If you rely on this customer group, you need to find creative ways to attract them to your business. Retaining their patronage is equally important.  You can achieve both goals by using promotional products to get and keep their attention.

Unless you are a young business owner, you are probably unaware of the best marketing approaches for this customer group.  It is likely your marketing department is also struggling to tap into this demographic.  Customer psychology can help you target young people who can benefit from your business services and products.  Successful marketing that involves promotional products is typically related to technology.

Promotional items such as laptop bags, cell phone cases, and electronic notebook covers are some of the top recommendations for businesses that want to attract young customers.  You might also consider promotional gadgets like GPS devices, sports electronics, and USB memory sticks. These are all items that are practical and highly desirable for this age group.  Customers who receive these are more likely to pay attention to your business than if they simply get a promotion pen or notepad.

You can get promotional ideas from a supplier who has other business customers that cater to this customer group.  It is also suggested you attend trade shows as well as conferences geared toward this population.  This is a great way to learn more about your target customers. Their preferences change on a regular basis so you may need to have a dedicated employee who monitors purchasing trends for this group.  You can learn a lot about a person based on what they buy.  And this should help you select appropriate promotional items that will attract those young people.

If you have children of your own who are in the target age group, you might be able to get insights from them.  As long as they are representative of your customers, you have a good chance of learning something valuable that will guide your selection process.  Some businesses use several different promotional items at the same time to see which is more effective.  The effectiveness of items is determined by knowing which of the items actually get young people to purchase your services and products.  You want more of the item that converts prospective customers into paying customers.


Young people are a growing customer pool for businesses everywhere. When you can attract their attention, you have a good chance of making a sale.  Promotional items relevant to your business and interesting to young people have the potential of providing serious advertising power that boosts sales. And with the proliferation of social media sites, once you attract a few young people, they will quickly spread the word about your services to their friends. This means that cost-effective promotional items, when used correctly, can get you lots of new customers in no time. is a New York local company that works directly with trade shows and giveaways for companies looking for personalized promotional products, we have the experience and reliability that every company looks for when trusting where to buy their printed products. Call 212-659-2501 or Chat online live for free fast quotes or chat live now.

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